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An Information Activist, National Parks, and a Digital Future
Allison Druin - University of Maryland, College Park
HCIL (HBK 2105)
Thursday, April 6, 2017, 12:30-1:30 pm Calendar
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Dr. Allison Druin has been a Professor, Lab Director, Associate Dean, and Chief Futurist at the University of Maryland over the past almost 20 years. During this time her personal research focus has been on the design thinking methods we can develop and use in designing new computational learning experiences for children. These design thinking methods have been used by researchers from around the world in industry (e.g., Google, Nickelodeon, Pearson International), government organizations (e.g., the U.S. National Park Service, the Office of Science, Technology and Policy in the White House, U.S. Library of Congress), and universities (e.g., University of Washington, MIT, Carnegie Mellon) These methods have been used by Dr. Druin's teams to create digital libraries to mobile storytelling. She has received numerous awards for her research: the 2016 CHI Academy, the 2014 ACM Distinguished Scientist Award, and the 2010 SIGCHI Social Impact Award. And most recently she co-chaired CHI 2016, the largest CHI gathering to date with over 3,800 attendees. She is currently on leave from the University of Maryland to work as Special Advisor for National Digital Strategy for the National Park Service where she is leading service-wide strategic planning, and implementation of digital development, use, and preservation at National Parks across the country. 

This talk is organized by Carlea Holl-Jensen