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Differentially Private Nonparametric Hypothesis Testing
Adam Groce - Reed College
Monday, May 13, 2019, 2:00-3:00 pm Calendar
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Hypothesis testing is the workhorse statistical analysis in medical and social science research. In this talk I will discuss how hypothesis tests can be carried out on sensitive data while protecting privacy. In particular, we consider nonparametric tests, constructing private analogues to the classic Kruskal-Wallis, Mann-Whitney, and Wilcoxon tests. In traditional statistics, these nonparametric tests are less powerful than their parametric alternatives, which work in the special case of normally distributed data. We find that in the private setting our nonparametric tests are actually more powerful than the best known parametric tests, despite their reduced assumptions. This is joint work with Andrew Bray, Simon Couch, Zeki Kazan, and Kaiyan Shi.


Adam Groce received his PhD from UMD in 2014, where he was supervised by Jonathan Katz. He is currently an assistant professor of computer science at Reed College.

This talk is organized by Jonathan Katz